Demo Mountain Bikes From Trek

We’ve recently written about the suspension technology of the Trek Remedy. It’s an amazing bike. Technically advanced and built to handle some of the toughest terrain. This is the kind of bike that dudes are wearing body armor while riding.

The thing is, it’s a bit hard to test the advanced suspension while tooling around in our parking lot.

To “Remedy” the situation, we’ve just brought in a few high end demo bikes. We currently have a Remedy 9, Fuel 9, and Lush S on our floor. For fifty dollars you can take one of these out for twenty four hours and experience the bike on actual trail. If you love the bike, we’ll gladly apply the rental fee to the purchase price. If you decide not to, no worries. For the price of a standard rental, you had the opportunity to ride one of the nicest bikes on the mountain bike market.

Call us at 512-473-0222 to check availability and reserve yours!

  • Trek Remedy
  • Trek Lush S
  • Trek Fuel EX 9