The Remedy Line of Trek Bikes

The Remedy series of Trek mountain bikes is an award winning platform. Revered by cyclists who aren’t scared of a bit of rock, or a little ledge. With 140mm of front and rear suspension, newly engineered by Penske, The Remedy has the ability to absorb whatever the trail can throw at you.

This bike really is a technological marvel. The thought and science that goes into the Remedy is just mind boggling. We deal with bikes every day, and often have difficulty keeping up with the endless innovations. For example, the Remedy is outfitted with DRCV + RE:aktiv suspension, Evo Link, ABP and Simplified Wheel Size. All brilliant bit of tech that sometimes get lost amongst each other.

This article will help to break down these marketing terms, and explain just how this marketing jargon translates to the trail.



DRCV stands for Dual Rate Control Valve. The simplest explanation is that the DRCV has an air canister with two chambers. Over the little stuff, only one air chamber functions, allowing quick response and great pedaling efficiency. If the shock takes a big hit, the valve to the second air chamber opens to give you better control without ever feeling that you’ve run out of travel.



The RE:aktiv shock system was developed by Penske racing, the suspension manufacturer for many F1 cars. It’s a highly complex system that offers real world results and takes the DRCV technology to the next level. With RE:aktiv, pedaling efficiency if further maximized, as well the transition and response time of the suspension. From plowing through a rock garden at speed, to launching off a boulder, the system adapts so quickly that you’ll feel glued to the trail. This ability to keep your tires in contact with the ground has a drastic and positive effect on braking, cornering and your overall control of the Remedy.


EVO Link

Full suspension frames sometimes have trouble feeling stiff. They are, after all, designed to damp the shock. The two triangles of the frame are basically floating between the front and rear suspension, so when you get out of the saddle to accelerate the suspension thinks, “Oh my, a bump. I’d better smooth that out.”

The EVO link is a one piece linkage between the front and rear triangle that helps to create a stiffer frame. This is the latest version from Trek, and it works really well.



The Active Braking Pivot on the Remedy can almost be considered a safety feature. Much like out of the saddle accelerations, slamming on your brakes during an “Oh Shoot” moment will effectively eat up a lot of your suspension, at a time when you need it the most. As your bike slows and your body weight dives forward, most bikes will momentarily lose the ability to absorb the shock forces from both above (you) and below (the trail). The ABP system solves this problem by allowing the wheel to pivot just a bit, independently of the frame and suspension. It’s ingenious.


Wheel Size Simplified

The Remedy is available as both a 29 and 27.5. In case you’re unfamiliar, that designation is for wheel size and gives you the ability to get a bike to suit your riding style. Choose the larger diameter 29” wheels for all purpose mountain biking. The larger wheels will roll over obstacles easier, maintain speed and hold a line a bit better that 27.5” wheels.

If you’re a bike park aficionado, or like to catch a bit of air on the trail, the 27.5” wheels may be your best bet. This smaller diameter will allow you to control and throw the bike around a bit faster.

Whew… If you’ve ever wondered why bikes are so expensive, this may explain a bit of the reason. We haven’t talked about brake systems, drive train, wheels, or any of the hundreds of other parts that make up the Remedy. Each one researched, designed and developed. This really is an amazing machine. So utterly capable on the trail.

We have a few of these on the floor right now. Swing by and chat with Bill to learn all the ins and outs of the suspension. Or have Eddie fit you for a test ride. The Remedy is a no excuses bike, at home on practically any trail in the world.