Electra Red

We Have Electra Bikes!

We're happy to have a brand new line of bikes here in the shop: Electra.

The California-based Electra Bicycle Company has been building bikes since 1993 and re-popularized the cruiser style of bike over the past decade. Today, they have a full lineup of upright townie bikes to lightweight urban commuters. And we're excited to have them all here in shop, ready for you to ride. Check out a few of the models.

Townie Green.jpg

The Townie

A lightweight aluminum frame with 7-Speeds and front pull V-brakes.

Townie Ladies.jpg

Townie Ladies'

Loft 7D.jpg

The Loft

A lightweight, durable and comfortable urban commuter. 7-speeds with fenders - perfect for anything from commuting to work or making grocery runs.

Loft ladies.jpg

Loft Ladies'

ticino 7d blue.jpg

Ticino 7D

Another classic. Hammered aluminum fenders, aluminum frame, 7-speeds, clean design.

Ticino blue ladies.jpg

Ticino Ladies'


The Indy

Inspired by the hotrod culture, this bike has internal 3-speed gearing with coaster brakes and classic fender stays. This bike rocks.

Moto 1.jpg

Moto 1

A blend of the BMX and beach culture - available in a single speed and a 3-speed version. Simple and clean. Aluminum frame and disc brakes.