Trek Top Fuel 9: The Fastest Bike on the Trail

The bike that ruled the podium at the height of mountain bike racing is back to reclaim the top step. Refined and reinvigorated with new technology, Top Fuel is the fastest bike on the trail.

Every detail on Trek’s Top Fuel 9 series is designed for the rigors of cross-country racing—climbing, technical challenges, and outright speed over long distances.

Trek's technology stands out on the Top Fuel, giving it performance and flexibility over varying conditions, lightweight and ready to climb, plus nimble performance and reponse.

Alpha Platinum Aluminum

Trek's aluminum forming gives you the most strength and lightest weight.

Remote Lock Out

Lockout on the bars lets you adjust suspension on the fly.

RE:activ suspension

Developed in collaboration with the experts at Penske Racing Shocks, the global leader in custom design for auto racing suspension, and FOX, RE:aktiv is the result of the best minds in suspension design seeking out the most refined damping technology mountain biking has ever seen.RE:aktiv does exactly what you need it to do, exactly when you need it to. No more adjustments on the trail, no more choice between efficiency or control—pure confidence and enjoyment no matter what the trail brings you.

The RE:aktiv ride is firm under pedaling efforts, but provides a smooth, instantaneous transition to plush control, giving you confidence to ride your bike as it should be ridden. The key point is that RE:aktiv gives you the best of both worlds all the time. It is not two settings, but an integral part of the rear shock’s design that ensures you’re ready for any obstacle the trail throws your way.