Trek Superfly FS 7

Cross Country Mountain Bikes are awesome things. Like rally cars, these are off-road vehicles designed for pure speed. Sure, you sacrifice a bit of suspension travel, but cross country mountain biking isn’t about dropping off 6 foot ledges. It’s about choosing the best line through a rock garden and being able to pin it through flowy singletrack. While much of the old guard scoffs at riding a full suspension cross country bike, the fact is that suspension technology has advanced greatly. The slight weight penalty (and we mean very slight) is offset by more confident riding and the ability to shave seconds off each and every technical section.

The Trek Superfly FS has been at the forefront of cross country mountain biking for some time now, and this new line up of 2015 bikes is pretty stellar. Trek keeps pushing the envelope, and their mountain bikes really are ahead of the curve. It’s a racing pedigree built upon professional riders at a world class level. This is why bike companies sponsor cycling teams. A pro rider’s feedback is invaluable when designing something as technically complex as a fully suspended mountain bike.

Our service department is filled with perfectionists, and perhaps the biggest testament to the new Superfly is that we’ve seen three of our service staff rolling around on brand new ones. This is the bike you’ll need for Mellow Classic domination, and the perfect machine for riding the trails in and around Austin.

And that paint.

The Superfly FS 7 looks even better in person. We’re partial to the value and build of this bike for most of our customers, but Trek’s line of Superfly bikes covers the entire range of budgets. Come in and test ride the geometry, then order the exact build you’d like.