Trek Neko & Lexa

Trek’s WSD (Women Specific Design) line of bikes comprises a broad expanse of the companies offerings. These are proven products, extensively researched and ridden by some of the fastest cyclists in the world. While bikes like the Silque stand at the pinnacle, Trek also offers quite a few lower priced options that represent the WSD line admirably. Here are three of our favorites and their key features. All of these bikes are in stock, and ready to test ride.


Trek Neko SL $850

Trek’s Neko line of women’s bikes is versatile. Perhaps, the most versatile WSD bike in Trek’s line up. Perfectly positioned to conquer the crushed granite of the Lady Bird Lake Trail, or explore the newly paved Walnut Creek South. It’s got a few features that make it the perfect hybrid for the Austin area.

Key Features:

1. Wide range gearing: Austin is pockmarked with short, steep hills, which demand a wide gearing range to get over comfortably. The Neko is happy to oblige.

2. WSD Suspension: The front shock of the Neko is set up to respond better to a female rider’s weight. The suspension is softer than standard mountain bikes and unisex hybrids, allowing for greater comfort on the road.

3. Increased stand over clearance: The sloped top tube of the Neko provides greater stand over clearance, while maintaining traditional cycling geometry. This traditional cycling geometry is a great help on the hills of Austin and allows the rider much greater control than a beach cruiser style of bike.

lexa compact.png

Trek Lexa $750

A first road bike is always a tough buy. On the one hand, you want something that fits your budget. On the other, you don’t want to outgrow the bike in six months. The Lexa does a great job of straddling this line, providing superb quality at a reasonable price.

Key features:

1. WSD geometry: Trek’s proven WSD geometry puts you in a comfortable, neutral riding position. This inspires confidence in handling and helps the rider produce power. This WSD design extends to all aspects of the bike. The handlebar, saddle, tube shaping, etc.

2. Fender and rack mounts: If you want to ride long on the weekend, but still want to commute to work during the week, the fender and rack mounts on the Lexa are ideal.

3. Compact double drivetrain: The compact crankset of the Lexa offers the same wide gearing range of a triple, without the added weight.


Trek Lexa SLX $1650

The SLX is an underappreciated bike. This is a full on racer with a great component spec and some of Trek’s coolest technology. One of the best value for dollar bikes in the Trek lineup

Key Features:

1. 11spd. Shimano 105 drivetrain: You’ve made it. Shimano 105 is a thing of beauty, and the shifting on the SLX is crisp, clean and precise.

2. Iso Speed Decoupler: This little bit of technology essential doubles the vertical compliance of the SLX. What this means is that the decoupler eats up all the little bumps (think chip seal roads) and smoothes out your ride. This increase in comfort translates to an increase in power.

3. 200 Series Alpha Aluminum: Trek’s 200 series aluminum frame is extensively hydro-formed to extract the absolute best performance. This is the same series aluminum used on Trek’s $2889 Crockett 9 cyclocross bike. It’s been raced extensively and won at the highest levels.