Trek Kids Collection

Kids bikes have come a long way from the coaster braked, banana seat deathtraps that we grew up with. Nowadays there are almost as many bike options for children as there are for adults. And for not much more than a disposable Wal-Mart bike, you can buy a purpose built children's bike, designed for safety and durability by a reputable cycling company. Perhaps most importantly, a bike that is built by experienced mechanics.

As shop employees, we all have fond memories of our first bike and the freedom that bike granted us. The end of the driveway, or end of the street was a brave new world to explore and our imagination often took us much further. It's always our pleasure to introduce someone young to the joys of cycling, and help cultivate that adventurous spirit.

The new line up of Trek children's bikes makes this task much easier. With multiple size options, colors and styles the new lineup is pretty cool. The new KRX, in particular, is perfect for the budding cyclocross superstar on your life. We've just received a large order of these to prep for the holiday season. With features like gearing, crank length, bar diameter, etc. dialed for younger riders there is surely something for the young cyclists in your life.

Swing by the shop to check any or all of these bikes out. We've also got plenty of kids helmets, gloves, jerseys and T's in stock to complete the look.

Trek KRX
Trek MT220
Trek MT220
Trek MT60
Trek Jet 16
Trek Jet 12