Trek 920 Adventure Bike

Get outside and go ride. Pack some things and turn down that gravel road between here and Lockhart. Or head out to Ft. Davis and spend a couple days camping in the mountains. Re-read your favorite book and find someplace without cell-phone coverage. Ride without training for a race, or trying to win a KOM on Strava.

These are all things that the Trek 920 inspires.

We love this bike. Not because it's the lightest, sexiest, or most expensive. We love it because it makes us want to ride. And that may be the best review we can give.

The 920 is essentially a touring bike chassis, set upon a mountain bike engine, with time trial bits thrown in for good measure. That's pretty confusing, but trust us, the sum is certainly greater than the parts.

The mountain bike drivetrain on the 920 provides the greatest possible gear range for riding while under load, and the larger 29" wheels allow you a plethora of tire options. With the increased tire size and air volume, the 920 provides an extremely smooth ride. On top of all this is a brilliantly overbuilt aluminum touring frame, complete with burly racks and hydraulic disc brakes for supreme stopping power.

And the drab green paint is awesome.

Have we mentioned that we love this bike? Swing by the shop to see this in person, or call us with any questions about this ultimate adventure vehicle.

Trek 920
Trek 920 Cassette
Trek 920 Down Tube
Trek 920 Triangle
Trek 920 Front Wheel
Trek 920 Top Tube