Trek 7.2 FX

We've long been fans of the Trek 7.2 FX. This bike has been a top seller in our shop for years, and has pretty much dominated our fitness bike category. It's just a great all around bike, at a really accessible price point.

Trek 7.2 FX Hybrid Bike Review

With new 2015 models now on the floor, it's good to see that Trek is continuing the FX tradition of value. They've added a disc brake option to the line up to ensure stopping power under any condition, but even with this upgrade the bike comes in below $600.00, and the non-disc versions are below $500.

Trek FX 7.2 Disc

What makes the 7.2 such a popular bike is its versatility. This is your explore the city, ride the Veloway, go to the farmers market, commuting machine. The relaxed road geometry of the frame coupled with the flat bars and mountain bike style shifters make the 7.2 comfortable, yet still much quicker and responsive than any cruiser on the market. Another weight saving addition is the rust proof and lightweight aluminum frame.

With integrated rack and fender tabs, the 7.2 gives you the option to add multiple storage solutions to the frame and keep them off of your back. This is a nice option to have if you planning on riding in the summer. Unless, of course, you're a fan of back sweat.

Trek FX 7.2 WSD

To complete the package, the 7.2 comes with Bontrager Hard Case Lite tires and a Shimano drivetrain. These puncture resistant tires are incredibly durable and the Shimano components are industry leading. If you do happen to have an issue, just swing by the shop. Every bike we sell comes with lifetime brake and derailleur adjustments. Or even better, attend one of our Monday Maintenance Clinics to learn how to do these things yourself.

We have size runs of these bikes in stock for both men and women, so come by our bike shop to check out the 7.2 in person. Austin is such a bike accessible town and the FX series is the perfect way to explore our city.

Trek FX 7.2