Tour the Racks

We skipped around the shop and shot some racks on the floor. See a bunch of the clothes, gear, parts, and color we have, and get inspired to gift your cyclist.


Bells & Bottles

This rack is well worn. A wide array of bells that suit your safety and personality. In-store and online .

rvca plaid.jpg

Lifestyle Wear from RVCA

Pronounce it ROO • KAH. Great fashion for active, stylish folk. Shirts, shorts, pants, and caps that cover the bases.

sock rack.jpg


We all wear socks. They protect, secure, compress, and express. Get some for style and function, In-store and online.


Bags & Panniers

Check out the Blackburn panniers. Slick storage for transport and security.

howler jacket.jpg

Howler Brothers Apparel

A local wonder brand, Howler Brothers makes, cool, useful, apparel for function and fun.

hoodies rack.jpg

MJ's Hoodies

We have two new hoodies, one plush and warm, the other nimble and versatile. In-store and online.

jersey wall.jpg

MJ's Jerseys

See our wide array of stylish, serious, performance jerseys and bibs. Get these in-store or online.