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Tools for the Serious Home Mechanic

Sure, we've got a multi tool that will cover any one-off, on-the-trail repair, in-the hotel-room adjustment—but do you want to go a little deeper in your repairs like those guys on the internet? We got your tools.

Our expanded component-specific tool selection literally gives you the tools to do that job the guys on the internet says is easy to do. We've got a full selection of specialty tools from Unior, Park, Pedros, Wolf Tooth and many other great manufacturers. These are the same tools we use in our own service department—as well as some that are a little nice—that will help do bigger repair jobs right. Come on in and talk to our service department about your next repair job to see if we have the tool you need to do the job right.

Come by and let us set you up with all the stuff you need. Or call us at 512 473 0222 or email us.

Bellow are some of our favorites.

park master link pliers.jpg

Park Tool Master Link Pliers


Wolf Tooth Chain Whip

shimano chain tool.jpeg

Shimano Chain Tool

birzman lock ring tool.jpg

Birzman Lock Ring Tool

jagwire pro crimper and cutter.jpg

Jagwire Pro Crimper & Cutter

chain keeper.jpg

Feedback Chain Keeper

unior third hand.jpg

Unior Third Hand


Feedback Cassette Pliers