Reasons Why you should switch to a bike!

Tired of traffic? Here are a few reasons to go by a bike!

Austin is known for live music, tacos, and...terrible traffic. With continuing improvements to existing bike lanes, and new ones coming seemingly daily, a better way to get around Austin is by bike. By choosing to go by bike you can save money and time, improve your health, and help the environment. Here are a few reasons to go by bike.

Your time is valuable!

No more sitting still on Loop 1/ MoPac after work. Skip the waiting and get moving bike commuting. Chances are that your ride to and from work can be made at least in part along Austin’s growing network of bike lanes and paths. Avoid bumper to bumper traffic and take the road less travelled and enjoy traditional bike lanes, paths like the Shoal Creek Trail, and protected bike lanes like those along Third Street. By opting to ride instead of driving you’re often riding right past idling traffic and don’t have to worry about parking. Skip the traffic and get moving by going by bike.

Keep your body healthy

Cycling, even casually, is a great workout. It's a fairly low impact activity that people of all ages can do. Replacing your drive to work with a bike ride to work improves cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility, muscle strength, and flexibility. Adding a few hours a week on the bike also decreases stress levels, body fat percentage, and is a natural way of reducing anxiety.

Keep the planet healthy

Going by bike means reducing emissions and decreasing your carbon footprint given the lower energy required to manufacture and upkeep a bicycle. Reducing emissions and becoming eco-friendly seems like benefit enough, but by riding a bike instead of driving a car you actually have the freedom to go more places and to see more of Austin than you might otherwise.

You are saving money

With the average Austenite spending anywhere from $1,100 to $2,000 on gas alone every year, switching to a bike could save a significant amount of change. Skip the line at the pump and the trip to the car mechanics by opting to go by bike. And, learning to make simple repairs on a bike like changing a flat, fixing a broken chain, or adjusting the shifting and brakes can open the door to a life without repair bills and gas station stops.

Be less stressed

Studies show that spending time in nature reduces stress. Studies also show that regular exercise releases stress-fighting endorphins. Getting a combination of the two by riding a bike gives you everything you need to unwind after a long day or prepare mentally for the day ahead.

Be prepared to go by bike

Whatever your reason for getting out of your car and onto a bike, we're your one-stop shop to get outfitted to ride. Offering everything from bike rentals for those curious about trying bike commuting, to bicycle and accessory sales to get you the gear you need to make going by bike a breeze, we have you covered. For those that are commuting to and from the downtown area, we even offer showers, lockers, and bike storage for commuters. With all of the benefits to commuting by bike now is the time to give it a try. For more information on making the switch to commuting by bike, or to start your journey today, give us a call or come visit us at the shop.