Pedal Hard Training

The Pedal Hard Training Center at Mellow Johnny's

Kevin Livingston leads Pedal Hard--the most focused, goal-based, professionally coached indoor cycling facility in Texas. Anyone, regardless of goals or skill, can see real results.

Power Based Training for Your Goals

Pedal Hard uses quantifiable data to understand your fitness and apply training programs to reach your objectives. The coaches will instruct you as to what training zones to maintain in a workout, and your entire session will be concentrated to your targets. There is no wasted efforts, and no over-efforts.

The CompuTrainers take your bike, or a rental bike if needed, The trainers measure wattage, heart rate (with a compatible heart rate monitor), and cadence, as well as change resistance to mimic specific courses. The specificity of the CompuTrainers resistance make it ideal for very focused training. It's hard to find a 10 minute, 3% climb in Austin, let alone one without traffic.

For instance, if you are going on a bike tour in Italy that includes 2 hours of climbing a day, You can prepare for this specifically in Pedal Hard.

Or, if you want to complete the MS 150 and ride 150 miles over two days on rolling terrain, the coaches can give you the workouts to achieve this with energy to spare.


Professional Bike Fitting

While Mellow Johnny's offers basic fitting that is based on geometry, angle and accurate leverage protocol, some cyclists want a more precise, custom and measurable fit.

The fitters at Pedal Hard are trained in Retül fit technology, a computer/video based system that laser tracks your entire body's relationship to the bike, considering hip angles, knee-over pedal, and power output in different positions.

Retül is perfect for cyclists who want to squeeze the most efficiency, comfort, and power out of their bike position, or those who may have body assymetry and nagging back, knee, and hip issues.

Intervals at Pedal Hard
Pedal Hard

The Coaches:

Trained by Kevin Livingston, six time Tour de France rider and former US National Champion, the coaches at Pedal Hard are highly qualified, talented riders in their own right. Every client they coach is given a workout and set of numbers specific to them, their goals and ability level. With a small staff, the trainers become invested in your progress and are able to make changes when life gets in the way of training.

While many of our customers think that Pedal Hard training is only for the elite, the reality is that most Pedal Hard clients are non-racers looking to stay fit. People with children, work obligations and time constraints. We see the evidence every day here at the shop, the structured training Pedal Hard provides works. Come by and chat with the trainers next time you're in the shop, or visit Pedal