The Oakley Wall at Mellow Johnny's

Oakley and cycling are fairly intertwined. Well, let me rephrase that. Oakley and anything related to eyewear are fairly intertwined. This is a company that has ruled the industry for the past 25 years, and continues to create innovative, coveted glasses for all types.

If you've been in our shop recently, I'm sure you've seen our giant Oakley build-out. We've invested quite a bit to offer the best possible selection of these best sellers, and are one of only 12 non-Oakley stores in the nation to offer such a wide variety of styles and accessories. Our products are constantly rotated to ensure that we always have the latest and limited on our shelves. In addition, we've got spare lenses, earsocks, bolts and frames, if you'd like to build a custom piece to match your new bike.


And we know that Oakley glasses are an investment. Thing is, the technology is that good. Like a Rapha jersey, putting on a pair of Oakley glasses is an event. You feel faster, you look better, you get a bit more respect. And at the end of the day, the product works just as well as it makes you feel.

Next time you're in the shop, swing by. We'll open the case and let you play around with all the new styles and color combinations.