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The New Shop Is Open!

Where is your new location?

We’re at 115 Sandra Muraida Way, Suite 102 Austin, Texas 78703. It’s just 0.6 miles from our original location, roughly a four minute bike ride or a 15 minute walk. You can get directions from our Nueces store to our new location here:

Is the new shop at 115 Sandra Muraida Way open?


When did the Nueces store close?

400 Nueces closed Monday, October 9, and we opened 115 Sandra Muraida Way on October 13.

What’s the coffee situation? I heard Juan Pelota is not re-opening.

This is true. Juan Pelota is not in the new location at 115 Sandra Muraida Way. However, Manana is right across the sidewalk from us and has some of Austin’s very best coffee and more. Manana is owned and operated by some of our owners and so it only makes sense to partner with them, along with our other friends down the sidewalk at The Loop Running Supply, to help activate our little corner of the heart of Austin. Rest assured that the Juan Pelota brand will live on in limited release merch and more. Plus Manana has already added a number of JP’s smoothies to their menu!

Is there parking at 115 Sandra Muraida Way and is it free?

Yes! One of the bigger issues for some was the paid parking situation at 400 Nueces. It’s one of a few reasons we’re excited about the new location as we’ll be able to validate parking for up to an hour at 115 Sandra Muraida Way. You may not know but we didn’t actually own the lot adjacent to Nueces (nor the building itself). Back in the day when we opened there the lot was free…and routinely full of cars that were not customers’, which was its own problem. But back then street parking was often free. Times change and being in the central business district now means limited to no free parking almost anywhere. We’re glad to have this behind us!

Where is the parking at 115 Sandra Muraida Way?

We’re on the southwest corner of Sandra Muraida Way, which is a dead end street heading north. As you drive north past the shop and near our friends at The Loop Running Supply there is a parking garage on the left. Park in there in the retail parking area. There’s lots of parking available. Take a ticket and we’ll validate it for up to one hour. NO BIKES ON ROOF RACKS! Need help getting your bike off a roof rack before heading to the garage? Give a call and we’ll come out and assist you outside the shop before you head to the garage.

Is service up and running? I need a new MJ's tee. Is everything ready to go?

Our service department is up and running and getting bike repairs and builds done in a timely fashion as always. As your repair is complete our service team will call and let you know it's time to get your bike. Space is at a premium in our new spot, so we ask that you pick up completed repairs ASAP. Our sales floor is up and running as well. In both instances we're still getting things sorted and organized. Your patience is appreciated!

Will there be a grand opening party at 115 Sandra Muraida Way?

October was a busy month in the new shop at 115 Sandra Muraida Way and was a sort of soft opening. We’ve been hosting Rapha Rides, spent a week doing rides and events with BMC, had our standard shop/Violet Crown rides happening, and more! We're still working on the décor of the shop and hope to have a grand opening party once everything is in place..

Are you having a moving sale?

We did! We’ve had bikes and other items on sale for some time and still do! Currently a good number of bikes are on sale at their lowest prices ever. This is the best time to shop for a new bike!

Why did you move? 400 Nueces is such a cool building!

It is! But it was time to move. Rents being what they are in the warehouse district, 400 Nueces is, in a word, expensive. And old buildings need TLC. Lots of it. Our new location at 115 Sandra Muraida Way is definitely a different vibe, but in a good way. Loads of natural light. We’ll have a front yard. We’re that much closer to the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail–it’s literally out the front door. Everything about the new space is new. It’s efficient, modern, and fresh. The move to our new location ensures the continued health and vitality of the shop as a part of Austin’s vibrant cycling scene and as a business. Plus, it’s been 15 years and changing it up is a good thing. We’re excited and can’t wait to see you at 115 Sandra Muraida Way!