The Kuat Sherpa Bike Rack

Bike racks have come a long way in the past few years. Gone are the days of constantly starring into your rearview mirror and tightening straps every time you stop your car. Today’s racks are simple, effective holders that make transporting your bike easy and secure. One of our favorites is the Kuat Sherpa. We love it because it solves several problems.

1. The Sherpa is made of aluminum, so it weighs much less than most other hitch mount racks.

2. You don’t need to remove any wheels to mount your bike. The Kuat accommodates multiple tire sizes (20”-29”).

3. There is no need to remove mounted bikes to open the lift gate or get into your trunk, the Kuat tilts down to allow access.

4. While the Sherpa can be easily removed, it also tilts up and out of the way when not in use.

5. Because the rack is a hitch mount, it never makes contact with your vehicle. No chipped paint or straps to deal with.

The Sherpa rack also has the ability to fit accept an additional 2 bike tray, for a 4 total bike capacity and includes a cable lock to keep your items safe.

So if someone you know is still shoving their 5k dream bike into the back of their Pontiac Fiero, please let them know. While their taste in cars hasn’t evolved, bike racks have.

Come by the shop and check out our downstairs display featuring the Sherpa and all the add ons. Several of our employees have this rack and will be happy to expound upon the rack itself and how it holds up to daily use. You'll also be able to compare the Sherpa to rack solutions from others vendors such as Yakima and Saris.