The Ingenious Trek Stache

Trek has been producing 29" mountain bikes for a long time. Over the years they've refined the process, making adjustments to frame geometry and component spec with each new generation. With feedback from both pro and amateur riders, Trek's mountain bikes have become industry leading. We consider them to be one of the best bike values around.

With the introduction of this new 29+ category, Trek proves that it is a development driven company, not content with complacency. We see a lot of new bikes here at the shop, but this Stache 7 has been test ridden by practically all of our employees. We love it!

What is a 29+?

The Stache is sold as a 29+. And yes, we realize that mountain bikes have too many designations and categories. The thing is, today's mountain bikes are so highly engineered that they need these different names and categories. Trail bikes, 650b cross country bikes, long travel, hard tail, etc. are all crucial descriptors. But don't worry, our sales staff is happy to explain all of these terms in detail.

Essentially, 29+ refers to wheel size. The new Trek Stache comes with very wide 29"x3" tires. These larger tires provide more traction and shock absorption than standard 29" tires, making them perfect for the very rocky trail riding found here in Texas.

One of the drawbacks to increasing tire size is that you generally have to increase chain stay length to accommodate. These longer chainstays can suck the fun out of riding and create a bike that handles the technical stuff rather slowly. Think Harley Softail vs. Kawasaki Ninja.

The genious of the Stache, is that Trek provided us with larger tires while actually shrinking the chainstay. The end result is a bike that's responsive, snappy, and incredibly fun to ride. It almost feels like it was conceived expressly for the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

Because the chainstays flare out so dramatically to fit the larger tires, the drive side is raised to make room for your crank. This flaring increases lateral stiffness, helping to transfer your energy into forward motion. And because of the raised drive side chain stay, your Q factor (basically, how far apart your pedals are width wise) stays the same. This is bike engineering at its finest.

We've got a couple of these on the floor right now, and the Stache line has several models. Come test ride one. Ask us questions, and let us find the perfect mountain bike for your needs.