The Ingenious Trek Lync

Purpose built commuter bikes are elusive things. They come and go, each lauded as the perfect solution for the urban commuter. Kickstarter is awash with start-ups who each think that they’ve cracked the code.

What we’ve always worried about with these one off designs, is the day to day durability. If a bike is truly made for urban commuting, it needs to handle quite a bit of abuse. If your integrated lights fail, will small parts be available? If you forget to remove the integrated iPhone mount and someone steals it, can it be replaced? Urban cycling is rough on components and gear because a commuting bike exists towards the utility end of the cycling spectrum. A 10 pound Emonda is cared for, the tires checked and the chain lubed before each ride. A commuter bike is shoved into a rack at ACL, or left exposed to the elements while you are at work.

What makes the Trek Lync so appealing is its mix of forward thinking ideas, tempered by the business sense and experience of Trek bikes. Integrated lighting, universal phone mounts, fenders and rack mounts are balanced by durable tires, proven component choices and a comfortable geometry. Nothing here is being equipped because Trek has a notion that it will work. The components, build and even powder coat are chosen because Trek has data showing that it does work.

While this may not be the way you want your dream bike created, this data driven process is arguably the best method for creating a truly utilitarian commuter.

We’ve had the pleasure of building and riding the Lync at our shop and are impressed across the board. From a service perspective, the bike built up easily (not an easy feat for a bike with integrated lighting). From a sales perspective, the Lync has a clean look and the integrated features are easy to operate. Even from a consumer perspective, the sub $1000.00 price point makes the bike accessible.

Come by and give this new bike a test ride. If the New Year brings you a new resolution to stay away from the car a bit more, the Trek Lync is a great option.


-Disc brakes for sure stopping in all weather conditions and when loaded down with gear

-Integrated front and rear lights run from a single, USB rechargeable battery

-Built with quality fenders to keep your pants dry

-Includes a mount for a Duotrap, as well as a secure smartphone mount to track mileage, fitness, or whatever else you need

-features integrated, cleanly designed frame protectors to extend the life of the bike