The Athletic

Our sock game is pretty strong these days. Our own branded socks came first, then Ten Speed Hero and Twin Six. Now we’ve made our way all the way up to the rarefied air of The Athletic. We’re not quite sure how we reached such dizzying heights, but we do know that our staff and customers love these socks.

We’ve heard a few stories about the birth of the brand. Some are obvious exaggerations. Others perhaps hint at the truth. Airport carpets and pick-up basketball games seem to feature heavily in their history. One thing that we’re certain of, is that socks are one of the most inexpensive ways you can add a bit of personality to your clothing. We know that The Athletic socks look awesome, and we know that we are the only dealer in town.

Come by before any of our weekend rides to see our selection. Or stop by the next time you’re downtown. Grab at macchiato at the café, look at some dream bikes and check out all of our offerings.