Cannondale Treadwell, Your Everyday Bike

The 2020 Cannondale Treadwell, Your Everyday Bike

Treadwell is a bike for any day and anywhere. Fun and light to rip around the neighborhood for meet ups, running errands or Sunday fun days.

It's comfy. It's playful. It's easy to get on and off. The Treadwell is a capable, well-made ride that nods to funky bikes of the past, with handlebars and tires inspired by dirt-track racers. It's practical too, but that doesn’t have to mean vanilla. Not with the Treadwell. Light and responsive, it bounds through the city and blasts through the boroughs with style.

The Treadwell has a host of features to keep the focus on fun. Treadwell's geometry makes getting on, pedaling, stopping, and getting off a breeze. With a relaxed riding position that's not too cruiser-y, not too racer-y. It's just right. If seeing how far and fast you're going is your thing, there's an integrated wheel sensor helps track your activity (like speed, distance and calories burned), registers your bike, reminds you of needed service and more, all through the free Cannondale App. It's easy to use too with Cannondale's Intellimount stem that holds your smartphone. Smart comfort features like a quilted saddle, ribbed grips, and pedals that use grip tape instead of teeth, keep you smiling and riding. And the bike is built for every day use with Cannondale's Urban Armor along the frame to keep the bike looking right even after multiple trips to the bike rack. And depending on which model you get, there are a host of pre-installed stock accessories lack racks and fenders--EQ means equipped. Or deck it out yourself with those add-ons that make the most sense for your ride.

Come in and check out Treadwell today.

Nothing Beats a Bike Ride

Check out the Treadwell in action right here in Austin, Texas.