Screenshot 2018-03-19 09.54.20.png

SXSW G-Store

SXSW took over the city as usual, and being smack in the heart of Downtown, we are usually in the thick of it. This year, Gatorade transformed the shop into a Bodega style gateway into a spacey world of virtual reality sports skills tests.

The first pic shows the shop without bikes. No easy feat. Then Gatorade turned it into a whole different world. Our space is pretty special. If you're dreaming of an event amongst yellow jerseys and cycling history, drop us a line.

Screenshot 2018-03-19 21.20.17.png
Screenshot 2018-03-19 09.53.53.png
Screenshot 2018-03-19 09.54.20.png
Gstore bodega 1.png
Gstore volt panel 1.png
gstore bodega full.png
gstore VR Stage.png
gstore tunnel.png
gstore vr panel passing.png
gstore dj.png
gstore bodega tunnel door.png
gstore volt activation service view.png
Gstore wall of product.png
gstore bodega AR screen.png
gstore vold activation2.png
gstore vr stage 2.png
gstore tunnel fog action.png
gstore bball dribbling.png
gstore vr stage3.png
gstore bball action.png