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Staff Profile: David Garcia

Meet David Garcia, a Mellow Johnny's sales associate and mountain bike guy. We grilled him with the hard questions. See what he has to say,

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Oracle, Arizona, a small town outside of Tucson.

What was your first bike as a kid?

I'm not really sure of the brand, but I remember that it was red and it was way too big! I had to wait almost half a year before I could fit it.

What was your first “serious bike”?

It was a Salsa Mamasita still one of my favorite hardtail mountain bikes.

What style of riding do you do? (road, mtb, CX, etc)

Mostly MTB, but I enjoy all of it.

Do you/did you play sports other than bike racing?

In high school I was on the football, track, and wrestling teams.

Can you remember a “favorite moment” on your bike?

There are many, but a couple years ago I took a MTB road trip through the US and got to ride a lot of the trails that I had only seen in videos or read about.

If a non-cyclist asked you what makes cycling great, what would you tell them?

The community, It's really the greatest group of people to know. #warpigs

What is a favorite ride/route?

Right now my favorite route is the Greenbelt to Sweet 16 out to Travis county.

If you could take a ride anywhere, where would it be?

That's a long list! Right now I really want to check out the Ozark mountains, I hear that's the place to be right now. I'm planning on doing the OZ Trails off road in early October.

What is your favorite meal, if cycling didn’t matter?

My favorite meal is the 2 meat plate from Micklethwait with jalapeno cheddar grits. Delicious!

Anything else about you, cycling, gardening, favorite color, etc.

If I'm not riding my bike I'm out fishing on my kayak.