Spring Tune-Up Sale

It's 70 degrees and sunny outside. The Green Belt has just the right amount of water. SXSW is around the corner, and the Austin outdoor festival schedule is starting to stretch its legs. While we haven't quite beaten back winter, we're pretty darn close to the magical days of early spring riding.

If any of the above inspires you to get on your bike, it may be time to do a bit of preventative maintenance. Over long periods of disuse, lube disappears, tires rot and hundred of little things can affect the mechanical quality of your bicycle.

Through the rest of February, we're offering 20% off all of our Tune-Up packages. Bring in or mention the coupon below to get your savings, and take advantage of one of the fastest, friendliest and most thorough service departments around. Of course turnaround can be delayed if we need to order in some parts for you, but if not we'll have your bike back within 24 hours. For commuters who need their bike every day, ask about our same day service options.

Tune-up packages start at $50, and we always like to chat with you to discover just exactly what needs to be serviced on your bike. Call us at 512-473-0222 or email our Service Manager, Dave (, to find out more about our pricing & options.