Skratch Fruit Drops

Skratch nutrition products took the world by storm a few years back. Created by a PHD nutritionist who worked with the pro cycling peloton, Skratch is the inevitable conclusion of years of research and real world testing.

While things seem simple on the surface, nutrition for athletes is a highly complex science. Not only does your food need to be palatable, it also needs to provide balanced energy, be absorbed quickly, and cause little to no gastrointestinal distress. That's a big ask.

Enter the Skratch Fruit Drop. It's checks all these boxes, comes in two flavors (Orange and Raspberry), and is backed by a ridiculous amount of science.

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Or if your feeling a bit wild, skip the article and pick up a pouch before your next ride. Like all Skratch products, these have a subtle, not overly sweet taste that our customers appreciate.