Shut Up Legs

Shut Up Legs collection is an exciting new initiative celebrating the career and attitude of the legendary Jens Voigt. Live the ethos of this mantra with men’s and women’s kit, accessories and lifestyle wear. This inspiring collection is a limited run and now available here at MJ's Austin. Get some of these pieces before they're gone!

  • 13730_B_1_Shut_Up_Legs_Jersey.jpg
  • 13730_A_1_Shut_Up_Legs_Jersey.jpg
  • 13731_A_1_Shut_Up_Legs_Bib_Short.jpg
  • 13731_A_2_Shut_Up_Legs_Bib_Short.jpg
  • 13732_B_2_Shut_Up_Legs_Womens_Jersey.jpg
  • 13733_A_1_Shut_Up_Legs_Womens_Short.jpg
  • 13733_A_2_Shut_Up_Legs_Womens_Short.jpg
  • 13738_A_1_Shut_Up_Legs_Cycling_Cap.jpg
  • 13738_C_1_Shut_Up_Legs_Cycling_Cap.jpg
  • 13739_A_1_Shut_Up_Legs_5_Sock.jpg
  • 13739_B_1_Shut_Up_Legs_5_Sock.jpg
  • 13732_B_1_Shut_Up_Legs_Womens_Jersey.jpg