Save $250 on e-Bikes during Bike Month

Trek electric assist bikes are about smooth, comfortable, sure transportation. These bikes will take you wherever you want and now you can save $250 off your e-Bike purchase.

E-Bike Savings

During bike month, we will take $250 off any Trek e-Bike purchase.

Save more with Austin Energy Rebates

In addition, Austin Energy offers rebates of up to $300*. Austin Energy customers can be eligible for a rebate on an e-Bike, so you could save up to $550.

For more on the rebates visit Austin Energy, or see the info below.:


The Bike

Lift+ is a lightweight, electric-assist recreation bike that pairs an ultra-comfortable ride with the smooth, controlled, unbelievably fun power boost of the mid-drive motor.

Where would you like to go? Whatever route you choose, Lift+ will take you there with ease. Long rides? Hills? Headwinds? With Lift+ electric assist, nothing will slow you down.

The tires are flat-resistant and narrow enough to be nimble but beefy enough to be rugged and aid in natural suspension for comfort. The motor system is in the bottom bracket, so the weight is low and centered. Same for the frame-mounted removable battery, which is on the downtube. The bike weighs in around 45 lbs, which is lighter than many comparable electrics.

Electric Assist

The controls for the electric assist are on the left handlebar, so you don't have to ungrip to control. There are three settings: Eco, Normal, and High. The LED display shows mph, distance, time, and miles you can go at each setting.


A charge will take you about 25 miles in normal mode. ECO gets you farther, and if you're covering hills in High mode, a little less.

Rent One

E-bikes are in our rental fleet, so you can take one out for a couple of days. Buy one and we will apply your rental fee to the purchase.

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The bikes are equipped with rack and fender mounts so you are equipped for all you errands



Downtube battery adds to the low, centered stability and is removable for charging.



Intuitive controls are simple and accessible, making it easy to select the right mode and know what kind of energy you are using.


Disc Brakes

Disc brakes offer sure braking power.


Mid Motor

Mid Motor centers weight a the bottom bracket, adding stability.