Revised Shop Operations Due To Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

More changes in the store as the City's mask requirement takes effect.

We continue to be amazed at the support we've received from long time customers and thrilled about the increased interest in cycling as we've seen new and returning riders take an interest in bikes.

Austin's stay-at-home order has been extended and there are new requirements in place for businesses such as ours. So we are again revising our operations here at the shop beginning June 23.

Our hours will remain the same for now: 11 am until 5 pm every day except Tuesdays when we are closed.

Customers are still allowed in the store. And while we ask everyone to respect social distancing norms while inside, we will specifically restrict the number of people at or near the counters and registers and ask that everyone keep at least six (6) feet back from anyone already checking out. We also kindly ask that you not linger in the shop any longer than needed to get your items or your bike scheduled for serviced. We want to hang and talk bikes too, but we need to make sure the space is safe for all—us and you.

What is required now under the City's new order is that everyone, employees and visitors, wear face coverings. If someone is not following the City's rule, they will be asked to put a mask on or to kindly leave the store.

We are still offering test rides and renting bicycles.

The Speed Shop Training Center is opened on a limited Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule with classes at 8 am and noon.

Juan Pelota Cafe is open at 8 am for walk-up window service and is open at 11 am for to-go service. There is a limited amount of patio seating.

We're not sure when the next change will come but we thank you all for supporting the shop.