Refer a Friend and Get Paid

The new Referral Rewards program is a way to thank you for sending your friends to Mellow Johnny's. When they buy a bike, you get store credit!

Here's how it works:

  • To get credit, you have to be in the system. That means you're a customer who's given us your name and email address. If you're not sure, complete the form below.
  • When your friend buys a new bike, and they mention you by name, you'll get credit.
  • You get a $25 store credit for each of your first four referrals.
  • On your fifth referral, you get a $100 credit!
  • If you are a hero and refer more, the rotation starts again, and your next $100 credit happens at number 10.

Mellow Johnny's Employees and family members are not eligible for rewards.

Referral Rewards

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