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It's hard to break down a piece of Rapha gear. A review of one jersey could carry on for a while, as new details are discovered with each wear. A touch of embroidery on the left sleeve. Embossed zipper covers. Custom grippers. Every detail designed with purpose, and nothing overlooked.

As jaded as bike shop employees can be, there is always a crowd in the receiving area when a box from Rapha arrives. We gather around and sort through the new styles. Feeling the weight of the product and associating the new goods with some of our regulars.

"Todd's gonna buy this one, I guarantee it."

"Oh man, Bernardo was asking about these socks."

And yes, Rapha gear is pricey. Deservedly so. It's a great day when I get to pull out my longsleeve country jersey from a few seasons ago. Something about wearing that jersey makes cycling more fun. I can't afford a closet of Rapha gear, but what I do have I treasure. That's what makes Rapha such a great holiday item.

Being the only retail shop in Texas stocking Rapha gear, we encourage you to come by and try some of these items on. We've built out a large section of our floor and have a great selection of Rapha goods in stock. Like all athletic gear, it's great to try these products on and see how they work with you. You can dial in sizing, grab a coffee and see what other new items we've got in stock.

The products below have just arrived in our weekly order. Winter hats, the always popular cross jersey, colorful socks and bidons that tell a story. Rapha is undoubtedly one of our favorite brands.

  • Rapha Cross Gear
  • Rapha Cross Jersey
  • Rapha Bidons
  • Rapha Softshell
  • Rapha Socks
  • Rapha Pro Team Jersey