Public Bikes

Public Bikes are one of our best kept secrets here at the shop. While we like to geek out over carbon bits and hydraulic disc brakes, Public has been consistently creating beautiful, affordable bikes for the everyman and women. Their bikes have been a staple in our shop for years and Public has really captured the look and feel of the classic Dutch City Bike.

Yes, the bike is steel and weighs a bit more than a Trek Emonda. No, you do not have a Dura-Ace option. By Public's own admission, the bikes are designed for, "The person who doesn’t identify themselves as a bicyclist but wants a simple, sturdy bicycle for occasional errands, trips to the Farmer’s Market, or weekend rides in the park."

That philosophy makes sense to a lot of our customers. What's more, the price points fit the concept. Practically every Public bike falls between the $400 - $1000 price range. Aesthetically appealing and durable enough for everyday use, Public offers several color matched rack options and sizes allowing their bikes to be used for a multitude of purposes. Including the arguably most important purpose of all... Bringing you Joy.

Swing by the shop to check these beauties out. While Public does sell direct to consumer, buying from us will take care of the shipping cost and assembly. In addition, you'll receive a great fit, a lifetime of free brake and derailleur adjustments and the expertise of our knowledgeable staff. Public is one of our key brands and we're proud to represent them in the Austin market.

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