Public Balance Bikes

Public bikes, and their attention to detail has always impressed us. We've written articles in the past admiring their unique business model and take on the city bike. Nothing is overlooked, and Public takes the time to add quality touches that other cycling manufacturers don't even consider. With the launch of their new balance bikes for children, Public has displayed the same attention to detail, only in a much smaller package.

Boasting an assortment of colors and two frame styles to choose from, these balance bikes are sure to please even the most discerning four year old. The included color matched bell, adjustable saddle height, inflatable tires and steel frame create a practically perfect parts spec. And somehow, Public has manged to put all of this together for a very reasonable $129.

We have several of these in stock and on the floor right now, and the weather is perfect for exploring. Bring the kiddos to the Farmers Market this weekend and swing by to check out the bikes on the way out.

mini c baby blue.jpg
mini c red.jpg
mini c.jpg
mini v green model 2.jpg
mini v green model.jpg
mini v green.jpg
mini v grips.jpg
mini v orange 2.jpg
mini v orange model.jpg
mini v orange.jpg