Poler at Mellow Johnny's

Poler items convey a sense of ease and earthiness. Their products inspire us to relish the everyday adventures of our lives, and we are so excited to feature this brand in store.

If you've never heard of Poler, check out the quote from their own website that pretty much sums the brand up. And next time you're around, swing by the shop to check out our assortment of Poler hoodies, hats, bags and tees. This is a company offering good value and a great point of view.

"It’s stuff that is made for people that have adventures all over the world while wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. It’s for people that wonder why everyone is trying to pretend they are going to do first ascents on alpine peaks instead of celebrating the fact that they are having adventures that are awesome in their own way."

Furry Logo T
Drifter Pack
Venn Diagram Hoodie
Cyclops Trucker