Oakley Prizm Glasses

Oakley glasses are ubiquitous in the peloton. Seen at essentially every cycling event in the world. This is a company that has innovated and improved upon its product, to become the recognized leader of sports eyewear. Not just in the field of cycling, but across all categories.

With the introduction of the Prizm lens, Oakley has taken their technology a step further. These cycling specific Prizm lenses produce a higher contrast image, allowing a rider to see imperfections in the road that would normally not appear.


We've tried them, and they live up to the hype.

Reportedly, this technology has been in the works for the last decade and there is some stunning science behind these glasses. Originating with Oakley ski goggles, the process is just now making its way to their cycling specific glasses. It's all a bit above our heads here at the shop, but in the video below there are several mentions of light spectrum's and wave patterns. The massive amount of research & development that goes into a new Oakley product is mind boggling.

The Prizm series for cycling has a few separate models, and we're lucky enough to have them all in stock. Swing by the shop to check out our enormous Oakley collection. This is a brand that we've made a huge commitment to, because like us, they strive to be the absolute best.