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Mellow Johnny's Speed Shop Training Center Stay-At-Home Training

With people stuck indoors in many places, we have options for you including a $50 five-week training plan, there are FREE workouts, Zwift meetups, and more!

The Mellow Johnny’s Speed Shop is closed like other gyms and fitness studios right now. But that doesn’t mean we’re not training and thinking about how we can help you stay on track with your riding, meet new goals, and have some fun! We’re hopefully offering a little something for everyone to help maintain physical and mental health. We also want to help keep the lights on in the Speed Shop and have it continue to serve as a training resource for when the pandemic passes.

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Three FREE "Speed-Certified" Workouts

We’re offering our three favorite, go-to workouts for FREE that you can do week in, week out. These are designed to not overload your system. Mix them up, try them back-to-back-to-back over three days, maybe try a two-a-day once, just have fun with it! Mixed with a "low gear, easy spin, no focus on any numbers" recovery ride of 1 to 1.5 hours another day and maybe a longer ride or two on the weekends, these three "Speed-Certified" workouts will help you gain and maintain some base fitness and still give you time for family and work.

There are ERG, FIT, and heart-based downloads for each of the three workouts, as well as ZWO files for those that want to do them on Zwift.

Workout 17x3 minute Lower Threshold (Strength!)

As a strength workout your heart rate should stay somewhat low for the efforts due to the lower rpm, but your breathing may still be high, which is an odd feeling. Keep your heals down and slide back slightly on your saddle to protect your knees and simulate proper position on climbs. Keep cadence at 65-75 rpm on the efforts and 90-100 rpm on the recovery.

Here’s what the workout looks like: Begin with a solid 18 minute warm up into 7x3 minute efforts at low threshold at 60-75 rpm. Four minute recovery between efforts at 90+ rpm. Cool down. Download the 7x3 minute Lower Threshold workout here:

Workout 2: 3x20 minute Tempo Efforts

Quality tempo work is key to cycling fitness. And here you’ll also get lots of variation to keep it interesting. During the 20 minute tempo efforts alternate your cadence every 5 minutes between 70 and 95 rpm. Or you can add 10 second sprints every 5 minutes. Or you can even add in 30 seconds above threshold pushes every 5 minutes. Spin a light 90+ rpm on the recovery. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids during this one: 2 bottles is your goal.

Here’s what the 3x20 minute Tempo Efforts workout looks like: 18 minute warmup. Then 3x20 minute Tempo efforts (see notes above) with 5 minute endurance between efforts at 90+rpm. Cool down. Download the 3x20 minute Tempo Efforts workout here:

Workout 3: 3x5 minute Vo2 Efforts

The title should tell you, this one is tough. During all three of the 5 minute efforts you will alternate between 20 seconds at your Vo2 max and 10 seconds easy, over and over, for 5 minutes. If you are feeling really, really good you can add a fourth 5 minute effort. Try to just float through the 10 second recovery sections. The goal here is to get your cadence up quickly before the 20 second efforts, like you might experience trying to get separation in a race.

Here’s what the 3x5 minute Vo2 Efforts workout looks like: Warm-up for 20 total minutes with your heart rate under endurance level with 10 minutes at steady state watts at 90-105 rpm, then 8 minutes at tempo effort at 80-88 rpm, then a couple of minutes easy. Next is 3x5 minutes alternating 20 seconds at Vo2 max with 10 seconds recovery at 95+ rpm with 5 minutes of endurance effort recovery between each of the 5 minute efforts. Cool down. Download the 3x5 minute Vo2 Efforts workout here:

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Get 5 Weeks of Structured Training for just $50

We’re offering a reduced-rate five-week training plan, just $50.00!

Unfortunately we can’t do all the normal add-ons like LT testing, coached class sessions, and the like. But this is a chance to see what following a defined training program can do for your cycling fitness.

This generalized plan can be done based on your fitness—be it an FTP number, LT test, heart rate, or perceived exertion and is designed to build on the work that you have already put in. These interval workouts are built with the trainer in mind and are designed to help pass the time—varied efforts and cadences make workouts go faster. And focusing on raising the threshold from below and limiting time in higher zones to help you get strong and stay healthy, while keeping you from getting rundown.

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MJ Speed Shop Zwift Meetups

We’re also hosting Zwift meetups! If you’re riding indoors and on Zwift, make sure to follow "MJ Speed Shop" on Zwift to get invites to no drop group rides and workouts! The schedule is pretty fluid, so stay tuned to your Zwift Companion App and app notifications for invites!

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Rent A Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer - $200 for all of April!

Do you need a smart trainer or would you like to really try one out to get the most of your indoor riding and Zwifting? We have a limited number of our Wahoo KICKR smart trainers for rent!

Now for just $200 you get a rental unit for the entire month of April. And if you purchase a new KICKR from Mellow Johnny’s after the rental period, you’ll get a $100 credit! Contact the shop at 512-473-0222 or sales-at-mellowjohnnys-dot-com to reserve yours!