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Mellow Johnny's Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are already searching for the perfect gifts for friends & family. Be this year’s holiday hero when you shop our top picks for your loved ones on two wheels! All items are currently in stock.


Arundel Bicycle Company's Top Tube Tycoon & Handlebar Czar

The “Top Tube Tycoon” and the “Handlebar Czar” bags are perfect for adventurous cyclists! Long rides in remote places on a variety of terrains can require more gear and preparation. Having a great storage bag means no longer having to stuff jersey pockets to the max just to carry along necessities.


Smart Trainers from Wahoo and Tacx

The perfect training tool for riders with busy schedules. A smart trainer syncs with popular training apps like TrainingPeaks, Trainer Road, and the ultra popular Zwift. Smart trainers let riders make the most of structured workouts or get a quick ride in before work or at the end of the day without the worry of getting fully geared up to head outdoors.


Spurcycle Original Bell

Down a popular bike lane, on a trail with blind turns, along Lady Bird Lake, or in other crowded spot s a bike bell just makes good sense. The Spurcycle Bell is our favorite and can be heard very clearly from a distance. Spurcycle Bells are known for creating a more powerful, enduring sound and give plenty of notice to others well in advance with a loud, convincing but friendly tone.

Get A New Look For Less

Mellow Johnny's Shop Gear

2020 has been all about the comfy gear! Whether your cyclist is relaxing at home or out on a tough ride, you want to make sure that they’re as comfortable (and stylish) as ever! From the softest tees to new cycling kits, face masks to travel mugs, the MJ’s team has you covered. You could never go wrong with these picks!


Retül Fit

Does your cyclist complain of aches after a long ride? Maybe they've wondered aloud about whether their getting the most out of their pedaling? Give them the gift of a perfect bike fit! Retül Fits are so much more than just bike adjustments. It’s a way to learn about positioning on a bike, common causes of typical aches and pains, and how a proper fit can help them to achieve their cycling goals. The shop's Retül Bike Fit Specialists can help make your cyclist more efficient and comfortable on their bike!


Mellow Johnny's Gift Cards

For riders that have everything: give them the best of both worlds with a Mellow Johnny’s Gift Card! Your loved ones eyes will light up once they’re given the green light to pick out their absolute favorite item in-store or online!