May is National Bike Month!

May is National Bike Month - a celebration of all things related to bikes and bike culture. As part of the ongoing national festivities, we'll be hosting various shop rides, in-store events, and even handing out free tacos and coffee on Bike to Work Day (5/20)! There are also a number of great events happening around the city. Check out this Biketoworkaustin.org for a full event calendar.

And, whether you're here in Austin or Atlanta, we encourage you to take part in some of the activities taking place throughout the month. Furthermore, spread the word about the work that groups like Bike Austin do to lobby and advocate for safer and more cycling friendly streets. Or, share a post by the International Mountain Bike Association and talk about the great work they do to help build and preserve great trails here in the US and beyond. Whatever your riding preference, we know that more people talking about what biking means to them means an even stronger and more connected community - and, hopefully, a few more people out on bikes learning just how much the activity can change their life.

Here at MJ's, we're passionate about cycling and hope that our shop and staff help foster the joy that riding two wheels can bring. So, whether your a daily commuter or an recreational off road rider, do your part this May to celebrate in some way and stop on by to join a ride, have a coffee, talk about bikes or just say hello!