Louis Garneau's Texas Winter Combo

One of the many benefits of living in Austin, is that the winters are generally mild. We certainly complain a lot on our rare below freezing days, but at the back of our mind most Texans are well aware that we've got it pretty easy. Winter riding is a real option, and it doesn't require $300 soft shell jackets or ski pants. Temperatures can change greatly in the course of a few hours here, so packable, versatile clothing is the order of the day.

Two of our favorite pieces for winter riding are the Super Prestige Glove ($45) and Power Cap 2 ($25), both produced by Louis Garneau. These are items owned by most of the staff and provide just enough warmth to keep you comfortable in that 35-55 degree range prevalent during a Texas winter.


Super Prestige Gloves

The Super Prestige is a mid-weight, five finger glove that provides a bit of padding, as well as a "Lobster Claw" feature for extra protection on colder days. I've owned the same pair for years, and they are my go-to for most winter rides. It's hard to believe that the wind proof claw cover would provide much warmth, but it really does provide noticeable relief. When not in use, the claw tucks into a pocket on the back of the hand and you are left with a very nice 40-55 degree glove that still provides a good amount of dexterity. Grabbing a gel or drinking water are never an issue.


Power Cap 2

Power Cap 2 is a terrible product name. We'll just toss that out there. Fortunately, the product itself is fantastic. This is a packable, fleece lined winter cap that is thin enough to fit beneath your helmet. The Power Cap provides real warmth and cover your ears, which is absolutely crucial in the winter. In addition, the flexible, small bill easily stows in a jersey pocket without losing shape. We sell so many of these in winter and only receive glowing reviews from our customers.

If you're still struggling to find your Winter riding set up, we highly recommend these two products. Total investment will be $70, and the pieces will last for several years. In a sport where the lifespan of many products is only a season or two, these pieces offer great value for dollar.