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LOOK Exakt Power Meter Pedals

Two innovators in cycling performance—LOOK and SRM—team up to bring us the Exakt power meter pedal system, a marvel of integration.

LOOK invented in 1984 the first automatic pedal, revolutionizing the world of cycling. LOOK pedals are a model of innovation and performance.

And now, they introduce a totally integrated power meter that is extremely accurate, reliable and ultra light.

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Powerful and Light

The carbon pedal body ensures an incomparable lightness and stiffness. The contact surface is made with stainless steel for optimum stability and power transfer.

The spindle, result of the most advanced development, receives all electronic components. It is assembled with an oversized ball bearing and a needle bearing to ensure a better load distribution.

Precision Position and Accuracy

Built with SRM’s handcrafted precision, the EXAKT power meter pedal measures and transmits accurate and consistent power data.

100 Hour Battery Life

Lithium Ion batteries deliver for 100 hours, and charging has never been easier. It's not necessary to take off your pedals—a simple magnetic connector can recharge your two pedals simultaneously.

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