Kids' Bikes Are the Best Bikes

Most of us start riding when we're kids. The freedom, the adventure, the fun. It's why most of us still ride and what our mission statement captures--riding is joyful and liberating. Getting kids riding is a great way to spread the love of cycling. And Mellow Johnny's is a great place to get your child their first or next bike.

Figuring out which bike to get your child can be a daunting task. What size will give them confidence in the saddle and create a love of riding? What style will work best for where you'll ride? What about outgrowing a bike? And how do I know I'm getting the best price?

We can help with all of that.

Kids' bike sizes are done by wheel size (as opposed to frame sizes like adult bikes) and the right size kid bike is largely dependent upon the child's height. Most kids have success on bikes that are on the smaller side--lower center of gravity, easier to get a foot down--but some kids who are confident with physical activity may do well on a bike that a bit larger, something that many parents are worried about as a larger bike will "last" longer as the child grows.

Either way, you can get your child's bike with confidence at Mellow Johnny's as every bike we sell is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it's not quite the right size after a few test spins around the neighborhood, we'll take it back within 90 days. We want your youngster to love riding as much as you do. And that starts with a bike that's fun to ride. So go ahead and get the birthday bike surprise for them. We've got you covered if a change is size color, or anything else is needed.

Another advantage of buying a kid's bike at Mellow Johnny's that's just like getting your bike here is our low price guarantee. We'll meet or beat any advertised sale price on the same, in-stock bike. So shop here with confidence that you're getting the best price every time. Of course, it's bittersweet to watch your little one grow out of a perfectly good bike. So when you buy a kid's bike at Mellow Johnny's you get the peace of mind knowing that you'll get 50% of your purchase price towards your child's next bike. As long as you trade up within two years of the original purchase to a bike that's a 24" wheeled bike or smaller, you're set.

Kids' bikes mimic what you might think of as MTB style and riding position. Wider tires offer more stability and confidence and an upright riding position offers a clear view of the bike path to school or the ride to a pal's house. Kid-sized contact points, like bars and grips, saddles, and pedals, offer comfort and ease of use to make riding fun.

Which Size is Right?

For kids ages 3 to 4 or up to 3’ 4.2” tall 12” wheel bikes are sized right. These are typically youngsters who are just starting to ride. Balance bikes are great options at this age (or any age!) Models with pedals include training wheels in most instances. Most have coaster brakes.

For the 4 to 6 year old set or kids 3’ 3” to about 3’ 10” there are 16” wheel models. These are often still beginning riders who are just a little older and taller. 16-inch wheel bikes typically include training wheels and most often have coaster brakes.

Kids that are 6 to 8 years old or about 3’ 8” to 4’ 4” the typical bike is a 20" wheel model. Many kids in this range can already ride and may be ready to learn shifting and hand braking skills.

For the big kids, age 8 to 12 and about 4’ 3” to 4’ 11”

24” wheels—sized for the big kids. Great for older children who have the solid handling, shifting, and braking skills necessary for a big kids' bike.

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