Gifts for Gourmands

Cycling and coffee. These things are so inextricably linked that practically any ride not leaving from a bike shop, rolls out from a coffee bar. Chris King sells espresso tampers. Rapha sells mugs, and there are numerous cycling inspired coffee blends available.

Juan Pelota, our in house café, has always sought out the absolute best products to serve and sell. The staff is constantly training, hosting coffee science classes and perfecting their craft. It's an almost fanatical search for the perfect cup of coffee, and the staff of Juan Pelota has left no stone unturned.

For anyone interested in enhancing their own coffee experience, or anyone struggling to find a gift for the cyclist in their life, we present the following products. All of these are in stock and available for purchase in store.

1. Hario V60 Gooseneck Kettle

For the perfect pour over, a Gooseneck Kettle allows for a slow, steady stream of water. This allows you greater control and guarantees a great cup.


2. Mast Brothers Chocolate

It's really hard to go wrong with chocolate, and this is some of the best anywhere. Brooklyn based Mast Brothers offer origin and flavor based bars that make great stocking stuffers.


3. Keep Cups

It says it right on the box, Keep Cups are reusable and not disposable. This simple, attractive cup has a barista standard curved wall to allow a better pour and comes in a variety of colors.


4. Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown coffee is incredible. This really is artisan coffee that we express ship from Portland twice a week to ensure maximum freshness. With supremely nuanced single origin and blended choices it's hard to go wrong here.


5. Hario Ceramic Coffee Grinder

A machine washable, hand operated ceramic burr grinder. This ingenious little product allows you to inexpensively grind to order for the best possible flavor.