Fat & Happy: The Trek Stache 7 29+

If Santa's sleigh were pulled by bikes, then the Trek Stache 7 29+ would be Rudolph. At first glance, you might wonder what's up with this glowing purple bike with its crazy looking chainstay, oversize 3.0" wide tires, boost 148/110 hub spacing, 110mm of front travel and 180mm disc brakes. But point it toward a trail - hell, toward our parking lot's stairs - and you'll find yourself with a huge grin on your face. There's a reason why you'll hit lines you never thought possible, roll over obstacles and soak up bumps like you have rear travel. This bike is full of surprises and should definitely not be underestimated.

Here are a few shots of the 2016 model, just special ordered for a discerning customer.

  • Not a chainstay on the drive side: try midstay
  • Stache 7 29+
  • 29 x 3.0
  • 180 MM
  • Rear End

Trek Stache 7 29+