"Wild" Bill Hyer

Employee Profile: "Wild" Bill Hyer

Bill Hyer is our super-experienced, super-friendly en-bike-lopaedia of bikes and the cycling world. He has a combination of knowledge and social skills to make your trip to Mellow Johnny's fun and valuable. Visit him and you will walk away with much more knowledge than you came in with.

Get a snapshot of Bill's colorful history here:

1.Where did you grow up?

Colorado Springs, Colorado, born and raised.

2. First bike?

1967 Schwinn Stingray


3.What jobs have you had in the cycling industry?

A long list: Customer service/sales. Mechanic. Warranty repair. Phone customer service. Accounts receivable. Overseas funding transfers. Product development for suspension, brakes, drivetrain and wheels. Engineering technician for test and development. Neutral support mechanic. Suspension tuning instructor. Testing development for power meters and crank sets. Bike racer. Shop manager.

4. What has been your worst or weirdest job, in cycling or otherwise?

Worst job - Assistant Director of Security, California Hotel, Las Vegas (3 months)!

Weirdest job - Artist agent/independent curator and gallery owner (artists are "different").

5.What is your most memorable bike trip?

There have been many! Some with my friends Jeff and Hurdy. Some as races, others as bachelor parties.

6. What has been your worse bike-related injury , and whose fault was it?

OK, ready? Shattered clavicle, 4th degree shoulder separation/tendon tear and split scapula. DEFINITELY my fault. I failed a corner at Mt. St. Anne and got intimate with a tree.


7. What was it that hooked you to cycling and bikes?

Speed. 2 wheels. Independence.

8. Do you have any non-cycling hobbies, interests or talents?

Motor bikes, the arts, snowboarding, non-profit work.

9. What do you like best about working in a bike shop?

After spending so many years on the technical and racing side of the industry it’s refreshing to interact with the people who actually use the products I helped develop.