Employee Profile: Eddie Martinez

Eddie Martinez is one of our most outspoken team members. Full of good-natured bravado, and exceptionally positive, Eddie is an expert in customer service. With years of bike shop experience and an interest in bio-mechanics, he is also one of our best bike fitters. To learn more about Eddie, D.A.S., and his passion for cycling, read his employee profile below. (Ask him what "D.A.S." means)

1. You've been in the industry for a few years now. Can you give us a brief snaphot of your work history?

I started my retail career at Runtex, a specialty running shoe store. I worked there for 8 years in roles from sales to manager. I became proficient in running shoes, running related injures and the bio-mechanics of running. I have been in the bike industry for about 5 years. At my former shop, I started in sales, then learned the skill of fitting, which has become a specialty of mine. I was also sales floor manager, buyer of soft goods and bikes, as well as scheduling for the staff.

2. What drew you to cycling?

I have always ridden a bike as a kid, but got more involved when I started doing triathlons in the early 2000's. After I injured my calf and could not run for a while, I started to just ride and began to drop weight. I hooked up with some friends who biked and they taught me the proper way to group ride, train, eat, and just be a better cyclist. When I first started riding with them I weighed 197 lbs. I am now holding steady at 164 lbs. I love the bike for the freedom, the fitness, the ability to compete, and above all, I can eat almost whatever I want and keep the weight off.


3. You seem to have a natural rapport with our customers. What's your retail philosophy?

If I had to sum it all up in a couple of words, it would be "changing lives." I want cycling to change their life like it changed mine. I like to put myself in the customer's shoes and try to understand where they are coming from and do my best to relate to them and what they want out of cycling. I want them to be as happy on their bike as I feel when I am out riding mine. Making a sale is nice, but creating relationships is really what it is all about.

4. Have you ever raced your mountain bike?

I tried once and double flatted and had to DNF. So no, never.

5. That's odd, because you challenged our GM, a 20 year pro mountain biker and cyclocross worlds podium finisher to a mountain bike race this weekend. You seem convinced that you can win on a 15 year old single-speed. Why such confidence?

I am not afraid to challenge anybody, and it is the motor, not the machine. I race and train by my philosophy of D.A.S. It is too deep for most people to comprehend, but just know that when that switch is turned on, I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

6. Uh, Ok... I guess... Final question. Madone, Domane or Emonda, which do you choose and why?

Emonda. I like something smooth, fast and light. When we are out sprinting for signs, I want an edge.