Caitlin Ford

Employee Profile: Caitlin Ford

Caitlin is one of our star Mellow Johnny's employees. She's incredibly friendly, rides all the time and is an integral part of our shop sales team. Someone who is able to disabuse you of the idea of bike shop "elitism".

Learn a bit more about Caitlin here:

1. Where did you grow up, and what brought you to Austin?

I grew up in Philadelphia, but came to Austin in June to take a drafting course at UT and decided to stay.

2. First cycling memory?

The ET ride at Universal Studios. I was six or so. I remember crying (a lot) in line because I had never ridden a bike without training wheels and I was convinced I'd have to during the ride.

After that I began riding with my Dad to baseball games in South Philly, I started out following alongside him on the sidewalk while he rode in the street.


3. You have a natural rapport with our customers, can you give us a snapshot of your work history? Is this your first bike industry job?

Yes it is. I've had a few different jobs. I worked in coffee right before I moved here. In college, I worked at a hospital as a birth registrar and also in a small movie theater.

4. Favorite bike on the MJ's Floor?

Probably the Superfly FS 8. I rode a MTB for the first time over the summer and it was a great experience. The Superfly 7 is also a good start to the full suspension Superfly series. It comes with a mixed group of SRAM and Shimano. I might not have a need for a full suspension just yet, but I'd like to take one home to Pennsylvania and explore Appalachia.


5. We see you commuting by bike daily and going ride after work all the time. Is there a local bike route that you particularly like?

I'm learning new routes every week. Shoal Creek is a good road if you want to stay in town. Lately I've been heading southeast on Burleson and then passing through Elroy out by the F1 track.