Emonda ALR6 Pro

The Driveway series has started, and these fast, light, speedsters are perfectly built to win, and this ultra-affordable aluminum marvel outrides many of its carbon counterparts.

The Emonda boasts the lightest road bike on the market. But it doesn't stop there, the pure balance of the materials and geometry, make this a bike you can climb, be comfortable on long, fast rides, and hit the gravel occasionally.

SLR6 Pro

  • Redefines what's possible for weight and ride performance
  • 300 Series Aluminum is formed and welded to create a stiff, strong frame that is unbelievably light
  • Perfectly balanced, ultra-responsive ride feel
  • The world's lightest road line has the world's best warranty

This model includes 11 speed Ultegra, and features performance cable routing for the crispest, smoothest shifting around.

Road.cc Superbike of the Year

Bicycling Magazine Editor's Road Bike of the Year

Bike Radar 4.5 of 5 stars

At $2500, you are ready to ride—and win— without breaking your bank.