Electric Bikes at Mellow Johnny's!

We have electric bikes from Trek! And, we'll be the first to say that they are seriously awesome. We have two models that will remain in the store as demos and want to welcome you to come on down to the store and see for yourself just how fun these bikes are.


RIDE+ Electric-Enhanced Mid-Drive Motor

Trek calls these bikes "electric-enhanced bicycles." Basically, they have a battery and a motor that assist you as you pedal, adjusting power flow based on pedaling force, resistance and speed. This technology enables you to ride farther, go faster, carry heavier loads and do so with a lot less effort - whether on flats or hills.


Long-Lasting Removable Battery

The 418-watt battery is also long-lasting, removable and is easy to recharge in any standard household outlet. It's also mounted over the downtube, resulting in optimum balance and stable handling while riding at both fast and slow speeds. Plus, this battery is designed with the commuter in mind: it has an incredible range, giving you the assurance that you won't need to recharge while out and about.


Electric Controls and On-Board Computer

The cockpit of the bikes houses the electric controls and an easy to read and control computer that shows speed, mileage, battery life and other data. You have the option of three speeds on these bikes: an eco mode for maximum battery range and a full power setting, which will help you cruise up tough climbs or accelerate through traffic. These bikes also come equipped with kick stands, locking battery, disc brakes and a full range of gears - so it still has the same bike feel, but just a whole lot more power. And, on the Conduit+ model, there are killer commuter features like reflective sidewall tires, built in fenders, rack mounts, and integrated front headlight and taillights.