Custom Wheels

Custom wheels are wonderful things. Lately, we've been making several pairs for custom bikes, road racers prepping for next season and touring cyclists traveling across continents. The defining characteristic of these custom wheels is simply that you, the consumer, choose the rim, spoke and hub combo. The parts are ordered by us and the wheel is built in-house.

Why go through all this trouble? Well, that answer is a bit more complicated than it appears. Obviously, there are those that simply want something aesthetically pleasing. A limited edition Chris King Sour Apple Hub will probably never come stock on any bike, but it's a beautiful thing.


Another reason our customers opt for custom builds is to cherry pick each companies best products. DT Swiss hubs, Hed rims and Sapim spokes are never found in nature, but if purchased separately make a heck of a wheel. Most off the shelf manufacturers have found that stocking their own in house parts leads to increased profit margins, and sadly not all manufacturers make every part of the wheel to the quality you may prefer.

And finally, your needs may simply lie outside of the industry mainstream. If you're riding an epic bike tour and expect to load your bike with 50lbs of gear, there may not be many options available.


Our service department is well versed, highly educated and happy to talk you through the pro's & con's of custom wheel combinations until you find the perfect balance of durability, weight and performance. We take pride in the wheels we build and would love to chat with you about all of these details in depth. Subtle changes in spoke lay up, rim, hub and tire selection can transform your ride by providing more comfort, greater acceleration and improved control. You'll have a product built specifically for your wants, needs and desires.