Castelli Clothing

When we were in the process of selecting a new clothing line for our shop, one of our staffers made a pretty accurate observation about Castelli clothing:

"Basically every team at the Driveway is wearing Castelli. Road racers are some of the pickiest, so there has to be a reason that they all choose it."

And yes, Road Racers, you are picky about clothing. And so is Mellow Johnny's. We obsess daily about chamois placement, leg grippers, and t-shirt construction. If you demand the best from your bike, why would you not also demand the best technical clothing to ride that bike?

Castelli has been creating athletic clothing, in one form or another, for over a century. A visit to their website will provide you with a timeline that is impressive not only in duration, but also in innovation. Silk skinsuits for Coppi. The first to use aerodynamic Lycra in the 70's. The first to use sublimation dye and colored Lycra in the 80's.

And the list goes on. This is a company still outfitting much of the today's professional peloton. The feedback and testing that these pro athletes provide for Castelli is evident in every piece of clothing that they manufacture.

Come by the shop to see the new line, and chat with our bike racing staff to learn about the fit and fashion that is Castelli.

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