Boreas Bags

It’s hard to make a name for yourself in the over-saturated world of outdoor bags. There are just too many options. Too many companies trying to break into the marketplace and too many people saying that their bag is the best.

Our buyers meet weekly with brands hoping to sell their wares in our shop. They’ve seen it all, and are impossibly hard to impress. So when they get excited about a new line, well… We get ecstatic.

Boreas Bolinas Bag Black
Boreas Lagunitas Bag Blue
Boreas Bolinas Bag Monterey Grey
Boreas Lagunitas Bag Blue

San Francisco based Boreas sent us samples a few weeks back, and we’ve been able to put in some decent miles using their packs. The product is incredible. Thanks to a unique ventilation system, the bag stays off of your back and helps to keep you cool. The items are lightweight, hydration pack ready, and feature the many adjustments necessary to properly secure the bag to your body.

This isn’t the Jansport you used in high school. Boreas bags hug your body and disappear when you ride, allowing you to shred without having to worry about suddenly shifting weight. And that really says it all. We’ve got the Lagunitas and Bolinas in stock now. Buyer approved and ready for purchase.