AVIP Concept from POC

AVIP Concept Apparel from POC

For the past decade, POC has made a name in the action sport apparel industry by manufacturing some of the world’s best helmets for skiing, snowboarding and biking. This Swedish company merges thousands of hours of scientific safety research together with a sleek design to create award winning gear that has a timeless look and serious safety credibility.

POC gives you good reason to feel secure - hell, they even design a body armor made of visco-elastic polymer dough. Battle ready stuff. But in all seriousness, whether it’s downhill skiing or downhill mountain biking, POC knows the risks associated with each sport they design for. They have pioneered or advanced many ground-breaking safety technologies in BMX and mountain biking, and for the world of road cycling, this innovation continues with the AVIP concept.

AVIP, which stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection, stems from research conducted in the fields of psychology, anthropology and communication. POC researchers and physicians assessed which hazards cyclists face while riding on the road and designed an apparel line that both looks great and will help riders be more visible in all conditions.

Here at MJs, we are happy to have POC - not simply because of their great design - but because of the commitment they demonstrate to making safety rather sexy. We invite you to stop on by to see for yourself.